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Frequently Asked Questions
Some Frequently Asked Questions.
Can I drive Without an MOT?
If you are coming from Europe and your vehicle does Not have a current MOT the Law says that you can only drive your vehicle from the port to the nearest MOT station for a Booked MOT Test. Should you be stopped by the police you should tell them that you are going for an MOT test where we can confirm your booking if need be. If your vehicle fails it's test you must have the repairs carried out and have the vehicle re-tested before you can legally drive on UK roads. You will also need a valid UK Road Fund License (Road Tax).
What If My Vehicle Fails it's MOT?
When coming from Europe for an MOT this is a very important factor to bear in mind. We always advise people to have their MOT as early as possible to allow for any unforeseen problem. By coming early it allows for any repairs that may be needed and the time to order parts if required. The consequent of not coming early is you could well have to stay in a hotel overnight waiting for parts or risk taking your vehicle from the MOT station where you will be breaking the law by driving without a valid MOT.
Where Can I Purchase A Road Fund License?
There is a Post Office just a short walking distance from our garage where you can purchase you Road Fund License with the correct documents ie; Vehicle Registration Document, Valid UK Insurance Certificate, Valid MOT Certificate. You can also purchase your Road Fund License online - CLICK HERE for the DVLA's website.
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